Month: April 2014

New England Dustoff 2014

dustoff14bannerFrom the first flakes of snow, everyone I know who is into cars longs for this day. Unlike Dubs on Defrost, which is basically the biggest get together you have ever seen, Dustoff is the official start of not only the VW show season, but the entire New England show season. Held at Seekonk Speedway in Seekonk Massachusetts, as claimed by the host on their website,, this is easily the biggest Audi/VW show in New England. Every year they fill the entire track with cars. The track itself is a small oval, just a tad smaller than Beech Ridge over in Scarborough, but its still a fully functioning track in the summer months. Along with being a giant show it is also probably one of the very best as far as being organized. Every single car has a place and is parked accordingly, From MK1’s to MK6’s and on over to the Audi’s, they segment it perfectly. From down on the track you might think its just semi orderly chaos, but once you take a step back, up onto the bleachers you realize its perfection. They’ve had practice. A lot of practice. Year after year after year, a thousand or so cars show up and it seems to go off without a hitch or incident. On top of that I’ve heard few people complain about it being a strictly Audi/VW show, but personally im glad they keep it that way, adding more classes would just dilute the show. Its hard to walk into a show like this and not want to just go wild with the shutter, there’s just so much going on its hard to cover it all. Hell even the parking lot just outside the gates would put most shows and meets I’ve been too to shame, and there’s plenty outside the gates beyond VW’s to keep anyone busy. My favorite thing about this show is not only does it draw some of the Finest outta hiding from Maine, but also the very Finest from all over New England. Too see our full coverage, check out our gallery.


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This past Friday was the very first meet that Southern Maine Car Meets put on at a small lot in Old Orchard Beach, and I must say it was a great success. The lot they picked out was only meant to hold about 50 or so cars and they completely filled it up. Everything from a dumped 1970 Cadillac Coupe De-ville, to a MK4 Supra were on hand. The usual show offs also showed up, and made their idiocy known with an un welcomed burnout, thankfully OOB’s finest are an extremely understanding bunch.


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Austin Street Brewery


I took a trip down to Austin Street yesterday, trying finally to get my hands on Jake’s beer. I was pleasantly surprised to see his MK1 Rabbit parked astride the front entrance, making you realize Jake isn’t all just about beer. Before his time as a brewer, he was very much into cars and photography. As one of the principal photographers for PVW magazine, he’s shot some of the very finest VW’s Maine has ever had too offer. His business partner Will, also his brother in law, is himself an avid VW fan. So what better place to kick off my first brewery blog, than a brewery owned by two genuine Maine car enthusiasts. Jake and Will are both starting this brewery venture, where few others dare too. Completely out of pocket. While they both work full time jobs. So you know whatever you’re getting in your glass, Whether it be your style of brew or not, it’s had the upmost care and time taken to develop exactly what these two guys want you to taste. Unfortunately the two beers they had on tap were not exactly my style, but I’m much more of a Hefeweizen fan. However, if you’re looking for a crisp full bodied very tastefully infused hoppy patina pale ale, then look no further! I can’t wait to see what’s in store for these guys down the road, and I am especially looking forward to tasting a certain brew I’ve heard so much about!