Feature: Ray Lapointe’s FFR GTM


When I first came across Ray’s car it was after we first made Maine’s Finest official as a page on Facebook. We were just getting started and we put a post out looking for cars for future features. Ray posted his car and it was  not only an instant hit on the page, but for me as well. Nobody knew what it was, and every other comment on his post was that very question. I had seen these cars before, when doing some research for what car my little brother was going to buy next, so I knew it was a kit. I didn’t however do enough research to realize just how in depth this kit really is. The huge benefit is how great of a job Factory Five does at putting this kit together and providing a step by step build guide.


Ray ordered the kit in August and a month later Factory FIve built the chassis to order. I know how excited I get when I order something for one of my vehicles, and that little box shows up on the doorstep, well the GTM showed up to Ray in 48 boxes. Plus the chassis and the body came separately, talk about Christmas! A lot of time, 4,221 man hours to be exact, and effort went into this car. Ray spent 12 months straight, 7 days a week and sometimes 18+ hours awake trying to get this car done. 6 months alone was spent on the body work, finessing every panel into shape before the Mercedes Benz Designo Magno Cashmiere satin white paint was sprayed out.


Now, onto the technical stuff. The main chassis is a fully tube steel design and comes ready to accept C5 Corvette running gear. The transaxle is out of a 964 turbo with a factory LSD. GT-3RS clutch and Kennedy adapter plate mate it all up to a LS-1, fortified itself with a mild cam, 60lbs injectors, twin Walboro 255 fuel pumps and an LS-6 intake manifold. The wheels are one piece Forge Star’s and the tires are Toyo R888, 18×10 245/45/18’s out front and a simply massive set of 18×14 335/30/18’s out back.


The roof scoop is custom molded into the roof out of carbon fiber. The side skirts, front lip, rear diffuser, wing and dash are all also made out of carbon fiber. And every part on this entire car has been powder coated, whether it be in white or black, it’s all been gone over and done right.


Finally getting to meet Ray and shoot his car was a real treat. I didn’t get as many pictures to come out as I may have liked, but I learned a lot about shooting a bright white car with black wheels in direct sunlight. The biggest surprise on top of just getting to shoot this car, was Ray’s girlfriend Hannah stepping up big time to model it. She looked absolutely fantastic and really brought this shoot to an entirely new level, and I really look forward to working with her again on modeling some future cars. After all this time and hard work Ray has put into this car, there is only one thing left to do with it and that’s drive it. And if you’re in the Saco, OOB, or Biddeford area I am sure you will catch him doing just that on a regular basis.







  • Bill Loeffler

    I’ve seen the car in person at the Bonny eagle Car Show and it is beautiful. Now if you would like to feature another Factory Five car, this time a replica of one of only 6 produced by Carroll Shelby, a Cobra Daytona Coupe call me at 892-9056 or E-Mail me at the above. I’m located in Gorham and my car is a week away from completion, windsheild being installed Mon 6/2/2014. This car replicates the winning Daytona Coupe at Reims, France July 4th, 1965. A fitting date and maybe could fit in with this 4th of July almost 50 years later!!! Also of interest, my son (a graduate of falmouth High School) in upstste NY took delivery this summer of a GTM as you featured above.

    • Anonymous

      I saw this car yesterday on 295 in portland maine the thing goes blowing by me at 100 mph I thought I saw a white bat mobile honestly one of the coolest cars I’ve ever seen and I work onAston martins and rolls Royce right here in portland nice car dude nice car

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