Photoshoot: The Remarkable R’s


The biggest disappointment of the whole day was not having a blue R to complete the quartet of the MK4 R32 color spectrum. However I quickly got over that fact the instant I got home and popped the SD card into my computer. I mean really, the results speak for themselves with this photoshoot. The way Ben’s red R popped out against the foliage. The way Colby’s black R looked against the cold and windy swells of Harpswell cove. And the way Levi’s simple and understated silver static R stood out against its two bagged counterparts, lent themselves incredibly well to the lighting of the day and each other. Stay tuned, there’s some big big things in the works for one of these cars, keep your eyes peeled to find out just which one it is. See the full album in our gallery.



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