Feature: Frank’s First Class GTi

When choosing a spot for a photoshoot it’s usually a fairly simple task. Find a quiet decent road for some rollers, and succeed it with a couple different locals with an exciting or scenic back drop. Following up our last feature however, needed a bit more doing. After shooting the strip in OOB, we thought the next one needed a bit more of a statement. What better than the single most iconic spot in this entire state? The Portland Headlight. No place has been photographed more or so simply sums up what this beautiful state is all about. With a postcard backdrop, and the droves of people there the day of the shoot, only adding to the spectacle that is Ft. Williams State Park.


Before making our way to the shoot location, we met Frank at his dealership. Bay City Motors has been in business for half a decade now, and going strong. Frank, being a VW guy to the core, has reflected this in his lot by filling it to the brim with V.A.G. cars. Everywhere you look. In his garage and out back, in every nook and cranny, you can find every generation of water cooled VW’s. From a MK2 Jetta coupe and a MK1 GTI sitting out back, to his MK5 sitting out front, all with plans to go under the knife.


Some may think that Frank’s GTI simply gets lost in the vast sea of bagged and stanced VW’s that make up today’s current scene. But even by the standards of yesteryear, this GTI is a prime, proper, and quality example of the mk5 Golf chassis. Everything was done with a specific purpose. Everything has a reason for being where it is, and every part compliments the other in a way that I only used to see when Maine VW Scene was at its peak.


The power matches the stance to start with, without being some wildly out of control street car. Sporting a Borg-Warner K04, S3 injectors, CTS front mount, 3” Miltek turbo back, and United Motorsports stage 2 software to keep them all in sync and on the same page. The most recent upgrade in wheels makes the biggest impact on the car, as any wheel change would, but there’s just something next level about CCW’s. The Polished Classic 5’s, at 18×8.5 et38 out front and 18×9.5 et32 out back. With the gold ARP hardware, they are by a long long way, the flashiest, boldest statement the car has to make.


When you compare those wheels with the interior, you’ll really get what I’m on about. Almost completely stock, with only the air pressure gauges, P3cars digital vent gauge, and a classy shift knob to round it all out.


With the Airlift Performance Series and V2 digital management, providing the ride and the Porsche Brembo’s providing the stopping power, the car is right at home carving up any back road you could throw at it. And with the recent journey down to New Jersey for Canibeat’s First Class Fitment, all the components showed their merits seamlessly, and Frank was rewarded with a slot in the V.I.P. section upon arriving at the gate.


We aren’t sure what’s in store next for the GTI, but we are sure there’s plenty more to follow in the MKV’s footsteps. With talks of a 20th anniversary build, we can’t wait to see what next year holds for Frank and his stable of VW’s. The rest of the album can be seen in the gallery.


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