Month: April 2015

Photoshoot: Dakota’s GLI

Maine’s Finest isn’t all just about Maine cars. Although our features will always stay relegated to Maine, it’s also about the people and shows we attend. So sometimes we get a few cars here and there that bleed over the state line, who have strong ties to Maine, Like Dakota and his MK4 GLI. He’s always attending Maine events, and he’s been in the scene for years. So don’t be surprised if you see some NH plates on Maine’s Finest from time to time. Also, keep an eye on Mr. Poirier, considering these pictures are only his second shoot, I’d say he’s got some serious potential.


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Photoshoot: Hampton Beach Cruise

What do you get when you take a beautiful Sunday afternoon, a great group of people, an amazing route, and some beautiful cars? Well what you end up with is results like this on the other side of a couple camera lens’s. Jeramy and I went into this knowing it would be one hell of a day, but we had no idea we would get the sort of results that we did. It started out normal enough. First with the arrival of the Roadrunner, then the brand spanking new Sti, a CTS-V and then the big dogs showed up. Peter and Steve showed up together in the yellow Gallardo and the red Viper, which you’ve all seen before. Then Mike rolled in with his freshly tuned and polished Supra, (look for a full feature on these cars in the near future). We departed shortly thereafter, and that’s when the day went from cool, to absolutely stunning. It was a sensation overload. The sights and sounds were indescribable, especially when we stopped off in Portsmouth to meet up with the other orange Gallardo. Once we got back on the road, we took the scenic Route 1A down to Hampton beach, and arrived at our destination on the coast. We shot some great photos, hung around and chatted with some locals, and caused quite the stir having these cars lined up for some photos on the ocean. We even had a 2009 GTR show up which sadly we weren’t able to get any good shots of, before finally departing home. The noises and a tad of spirited driving on that trip home, would’ve gotten even the most extreme car hater excited to be there in that moment. All in all it was a wonderful day filled with amazing people, and even more amazing cars. See more of these beautiful cars in our gallery.

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Photoshoot: Steve’s Viper

Spending the day with this car was a total treat. Knowing Steve pretty well, he let me drive the car for most of it, and let me just say it was awesome. I’ve ridden in a Viper before, but it was obviously nothing like driving it. The closest thing that I can compare it to is a C6 Corvette, there is torque absolutely everywhere. No matter what gear, no matter what RPM, it pulls and it pulls like a train. Im a fairly big guy, and it fit me like I was in a tailored suit, and like getting out of said suit it was a little tough as well. The one odd thing to get used to was how the pedals were sort of off to the left compared to where you might think they would be, and the pedals themselves are really close together. Closer than any other car I have ever driven. The throttle response is super direct and completely immediate, which is surprising with this giant V-10, you would think it would be a lazy to rev but it just isn’t. Lastly the attention you get while driving this car, or even when its parked is unbelievable. Everywhere we went people where staring and pointing. Brought a whole new level of fun to what would otherwise just be another old photoshoot.

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Feature: Jake’s Bagged S-10

Anyone who’s ever had a serious full blown project will know the difficulties of staying on track, especially when every last nut and bolt is in a place other than where the factory intended it to be. With Jake’s S-10 that’s pretty much exactly what happened. Throw twin boys into the mix, and anyone could understand why. It all started back when Jake was searching for a project to keep pace with his dad and brothers, who are huge car guys like himself. His dad has a 1932 Pontiac 5 window. His brother Jim swapped an RB25 into a 95 240sx, and his other brother Josh has a custom pre 60’s salt flat car and a 29 Model A Roadster with a flathead. I can’t think of another family that has this kinda car style and culture so deeply woven into it. They are all also a part of the Downeast Street-rod club, so he knew he had to do something cool, but he had to keep it different. So when he picked up a copy Mini-Truckin magazine, realizing how awesome these trucks are and the fact that no one in Maine builds anything like this, it was a simple choice what to do next. Being a Chevy guy it’s not hard to figure out why he went with an S-10, and he knew he wanted a first generation of the body style because of the square body, lack of airbags, and the lack of a third brake light oddly enough.


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