Photoshoot: Steve’s Viper

Spending the day with this car was a total treat. Knowing Steve pretty well, he let me drive the car for most of it, and let me just say it was awesome. I’ve ridden in a Viper before, but it was obviously nothing like driving it. The closest thing that I can compare it to is a C6 Corvette, there is torque absolutely everywhere. No matter what gear, no matter what RPM, it pulls and it pulls like a train. Im a fairly big guy, and it fit me like I was in a tailored suit, and like getting out of said suit it was a little tough as well. The one odd thing to get used to was how the pedals were sort of off to the left compared to where you might think they would be, and the pedals themselves are really close together. Closer than any other car I have ever driven. The throttle response is super direct and completely immediate, which is surprising with this giant V-10, you would think it would be a lazy to rev but it just isn’t. Lastly the attention you get while driving this car, or even when its parked is unbelievable. Everywhere we went people where staring and pointing. Brought a whole new level of fun to what would otherwise just be another old photoshoot.


_DCM5499 copy



Viper Lighthouse

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