I am Maine’s Finest.


You might be wondering what that is. So are we. That’s why we exist.

We are Maine’s Finest, and we are going to explore who that is, and what that means.
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Maine’s Finest is a collective of people interested in finding the coolest vehicles in Maine, documenting them, and sharing them with the masses. Maine’s Finest is fueled by passion and excitement. We are always looking for that hidden gem, that ongoing build, that unique whatchya macall it. We are looking for the unique vehicles that make the car scene special.
We’re looking for you, and your ride.
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My name is Jeramy, and this is I am Maine’s Finest. I will be photographing and exploring the local car world to find anything that brings a smile, drives the passion, creates a goal, and ultimately what brings us all together – cool cars.

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So who is Maine’s Finest? That’s what I’m going to find out. Within the coming time, I’m going to talk about who makes up our team, what drives us, and why we do it.

I know the answer to who is Maine’s Finest… we all are.
We all make this wonderful scene what it is, and we all contribute something amazing. My goal is to spotlight different members, and their cars.
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You have a Pontiac Fiero that you love? I want to know about it. You have a lifted Cherokee with no floor boards and mud on the headliner from that time you forgot to roll up with window? I want to write about it.

So follow me through the crazy and amazing scene that brings us all together, I’ll do my best to bring the best content forward that I can.

Stay tuned for more of I am Maine’s Finest.



  • Steve after

    I have been putting a bit of work in my 2014 Dodge Dart which I have absolutely fell in love with. I have done some upgrades and visual effects but I really want to get some custom work done and there is not a lot of people in Maine that actually will do it. Well I would love to show my car at shows.

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