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Wicked Pissah: Stage 3

Screeching tires, loud exhausts, fast cars, right next to a lot full of show prepped cars, Wicked Pissah: Stage 3 has it all.  Held at Oxford Plains Drag-way in Oxford, Maine, Wicked Pissah is an annual show with something for everyone.

Even before the gates opened, you can see a line of cars and people just waiting to get in to the show and for the show. Countless hours of preparation goes into these cars, whether it’s to post the fastest 1/8th mile time, or to bring home a coveted Wicked Pissah trophy, the cars are really something to look at.

While the car show guys are prepping their cars, the drag guys are doing the same, with just a tad bit more noise. It really is a site for the eyes AND ears. The sound of cars staging tires, which can be heard in the show field, or the countless conversations with friends getting drowned out by the occasional Two-Step on the line. The entire event starts later in the day, and as the sun sets on the show, the drag cars are starting to hit their stride, posting faster and faster times as the blistering hot day turns to a beautiful summer evening.

If you can only make it to one show in the state of Maine, make sure you head to Wicked Pissah. Stage 3 was great, we can’t wait for the next one!


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