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    New England Forest Rally: 2018

    It’s that time of year again, the time of year when Rally cars blast through the back-roads of Maine and New Hampshire, turning quite little towns into bustling race hubs. Bringing countless spectators and competitors in from all over the country, just to get a piece of the action. It really is an event to check out, and we highly encourage anyone who is even slightly interested to go and check it out. It’s a free event and it’s worth every penny of gas and food you will spend. I mean, COME ON, IT’S FRICKEN RALLY CARS! It’s a blast! See you all at next years Forest Rally, I know we will be there.

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    Wicked Pissah: Stage 3

    Screeching tires, loud exhausts, fast cars, right next to a lot full of show prepped cars, Wicked Pissah: Stage 3 has it all.  Held at Oxford Plains Drag-way in Oxford, Maine, Wicked Pissah is an annual show with something for everyone. Even before the gates opened, you can see a line of cars and people just waiting to get in to the show and for the show. Countless hours of preparation goes into these cars, whether it’s to post the fastest 1/8th mile time, or to bring home a coveted Wicked Pissah trophy, the cars are really something to look at. While the car show guys are prepping their cars, the drag guys are doing the…

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    SMCM Season Opener 2017

    Article by: Ben Getchell Some may say that it’s just a “bunch of cars in a parking lot” or that it’s a “waste of money” to invest so much time, money, and effort into building a the vehicle of your dreams. Well, that may be so…but to a community of 4,000+ enthusiasts, this passion is something completely different. It means building a drag car to run a 10 second quarter mile, because that’s what you have dreamt about since you were a wee young lad. It means slamming your car to the ground, and scraping over speed bumps, because “stance life” is the only life for you. It’s restoring a…

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    Club Loose North: Snow Drift

      A rally school, drift cars, and a dirt course covered in snow, this is where we found ourselves this past Saturday. ClubLoose North and Team O’Neil Rally School partnered up for Snow Drift; where the Drifters from ClubLoose could unleash their drift missles on a snowy rally course.   The normal parking lot at New Hampshire Motor Speedway had been cast aside for a winding dirt road, tucked in the backwoods of New Hampshire. The course, where the student drivers at Team O’Neil normally learn car control on their way into the rally world, was handed over to the fun loving drift group and a different style of racing…

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                      Photos by Dakota English Every year we make the trek out to the beautiful state of Vermont for Wolfsgart. Wolfsgart is a European auto show in Essex Junction right outside of Burlington. The unique thing about this event is during the entire weekend there is always something going on to make the weekend the best it can be. They even do an 85 mile cruise through the mountains. The photos that were taken inside were apart of the Alpha class which is a where you apply to have your car showcased and judged among some of the craziest builds around. Enjoy…

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    This past weekend marked the second year of Vacationland VagFair which is a VW/Audi car show. Vagfair was started by VW geek Cory Sterling in York, PA. Cory plays a huge roll in the VW community, and since he has moved up to this neck of the woods he started a show for us mainers. The show is held at the beautiful Thomas Point Beach and Campground in Brunswick. We were able to capture some of the best well put together cars from all over the New England area and beyond. We took some photos at the show and afterwards we went into the campground for more shots. Enjoy! Photos…

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    Club Loose North Spring Fling

    Three words can sum up my Sunday at New Hampshire Motor Speedway: Non Stop Drifting. The drivers from Club Loose North are an absolute blast to be around, friendly to talk, you get the sense that they appreciate you coming to watch them enjoy what they love doing. It’s drifting, it’s man throwing machine around a track sideways and it’s so much fun to watch. If you are able to make it to any of the events this summer do it, it’s well worth the $15 entry fee and you get more then your money’s worth of sideways action. The drifting is split into 3 Groups: C Class: Your beginner…