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    Chris’s Slammed 3500

        There are very few things more bad-ass then a properly done mini-truck. Clean S10’s, dumped B2200’s and slammed Ranger’s, but a late 90’s Chevy 3500 dually is just insane. That is exactly what we have here: Chris Hartsock’s bagged 1998 Chevy 3500 Dually. Sitting on 24″ Semi-tractor wheels that have more deep dish than all of Chicago’s pizza industry and rocking lug spikes that would make the Roman chariots jealous, it’s just insane. Article and Photos by: Aaron Perry

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    Camera Car: Announcement

    Here she is in ALL OF HER BEAUTY: The Maine’s Finest Camera Car. She’s a 2006 Chrysler Town and Country, generously donated by Steve Nadeau. We have some big plans for this beast, it’s going to allow us to cover a lot more events and hopefully host some pretty epic roller nights. We can’t wait to get started on the project.

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    Team Hostile Maine: Mini Session

    There really is nothing better than just getting with a fun group of car guys and snapping photos, and that’s what we did here. The crew from Team Hostile Maine, invited us out to one of their group meet ups, at the Airport in Brunswick, Maine. With long stretches of empty industrial and rural back roads, it was the perfect setting to set up some minty rollers with the teams cars. It was a great time, we might have to set up a Roller Night here by the end of the summer! Enjoy!

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    Jim’s ’64 Chevelle Malibu SS

    Article by: Aaron Perry | Photos by: Ben Getchell | Video by: Riley Whitcomb Thank you to everyone who Donated and Participated in our Fundraiser for Hurricane Harvey. We were able to raise a total of $1760.00 for the American Red Cross, and it would of been impossible without all of your help. Our Grand prize from the Auction was a Full Feature for the website, which included Video, Photos and Article of the winner and their ride. We honestly couldn’t of asked for a better pair to win it.   We aren’t sure what was more fun, hanging out with Jim during the filming and photos or the car…

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    Chad’s Euro-Spec Honda Accord

    We’ve all seen them, they are all over the roads of America; they’re boring, 4 door family sedans that we’ll just say, don’t exactly inspire excitement. Enter: Chad Russell’s 2002 4 Door Accord. You are able to tell right off that this is a special car, with its Euro-R exterior, swapped interior, and CCW Wheels, the car just sticks out. It’s reserved and still manages to turn heads and make a statement. Sometimes the simple and clean builds are the ones that end up looking the best, but this car isn’t just looks. Oh, No. Under the hood is where the real party starts. This isn’t just a stock accord with some nice exterior…

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    From Away Friday: Esteban Vasquez’s ’07 Silverado

    For a daily driver, most people want something that will be reliable and can take them anywhere they need to go without any issues. Esteban Vasquez chose a different path. He decided that his everyday driver was going to make a statement; nobody in their right mind drives a vehicle with billet wheels every day. He also dropped the truck 7 inches up front and 10 inches in the rear. This kind of drop requires some serious modification to the frame and the bed of the truck. In order to get the truck to sit that low, the rear part of the frame needed to be C-notched to let it…

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    Club Loose’s Russ Barcomb Q+A

    Maine’s Finest got the chance to do a short Q+A with the Face of ClubLoose North, Russ Barcomb. If you have made it to a ClubLoose event, chances are you have seen the man with the chest length beard, flying around the track in either a golf cart or a moped, picking up debris and resetting cones and tires. That’s the man we got a chance to talk to, and that man is a HUGE part on why we are still talking about ClubLoose today, and going to events in the near future. Russ Barcomb everyone, the man, the myth, the legend: Photo Credit: Sadie Fortin MF: What is Clubloose…

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    Club Loose North Spring Fling

    Three words can sum up my Sunday at New Hampshire Motor Speedway: Non Stop Drifting. The drivers from Club Loose North are an absolute blast to be around, friendly to talk, you get the sense that they appreciate you coming to watch them enjoy what they love doing. It’s drifting, it’s man throwing machine around a track sideways and it’s so much fun to watch. If you are able to make it to any of the events this summer do it, it’s well worth the $15 entry fee and you get more then your money’s worth of sideways action. The drifting is split into 3 Groups: C Class: Your beginner…

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    Feature: Jake’s Bagged S-10

    Anyone who’s ever had a serious full blown project will know the difficulties of staying on track, especially when every last nut and bolt is in a place other than where the factory intended it to be. With Jake’s S-10 that’s pretty much exactly what happened. Throw twin boys into the mix, and anyone could understand why. It all started back when Jake was searching for a project to keep pace with his dad and brothers, who are huge car guys like himself. His dad has a 1932 Pontiac 5 window. His brother Jim swapped an RB25 into a 95 240sx, and his other brother Josh has a custom pre…

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    Feature: Frank’s First Class GTi

    When choosing a spot for a photoshoot it’s usually a fairly simple task. Find a quiet decent road for some rollers, and succeed it with a couple different locals with an exciting or scenic back drop. Following up our last feature however, needed a bit more doing. After shooting the strip in OOB, we thought the next one needed a bit more of a statement. What better than the single most iconic spot in this entire state? The Portland Headlight. No place has been photographed more or so simply sums up what this beautiful state is all about. With a postcard backdrop, and the droves of people there the day…