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    Chris’s Slammed 3500

        There are very few things more bad-ass then a properly done mini-truck. Clean S10’s, dumped B2200’s and slammed Ranger’s, but a late 90’s Chevy 3500 dually is just insane. That is exactly what we have here: Chris Hartsock’s bagged 1998┬áChevy 3500 Dually. Sitting on 24″ Semi-tractor wheels that have more deep dish than all of Chicago’s pizza industry and rocking lug spikes that would make the Roman chariots jealous, it’s just insane. Article and Photos by: Aaron Perry

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    Camera Car: Announcement

    Here she is in ALL OF HER BEAUTY: The Maine’s Finest Camera Car. She’s a 2006 Chrysler Town and Country, generously donated by Steve┬áNadeau. We have some big plans for this beast, it’s going to allow us to cover a lot more events and hopefully host some pretty epic roller nights. We can’t wait to get started on the project.

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    Team Hostile Maine: Mini Session

    There really is nothing better than just getting with a fun group of car guys and snapping photos, and that’s what we did here. The crew from Team Hostile Maine, invited us out to one of their group meet ups, at the Airport in Brunswick, Maine. With long stretches of empty industrial and rural back roads, it was the perfect setting to set up some minty rollers with the teams cars. It was a great time, we might have to set up a Roller Night here by the end of the summer! Enjoy!

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    From Away Friday: Esteban Vasquez’s ’07 Silverado

    For a daily driver, most people want something that will be reliable and can take them anywhere they need to go without any issues. Esteban Vasquez chose a different path. He decided that his everyday driver was going to make a statement; nobody in their right mind drives a vehicle with billet wheels every day. He also dropped the truck 7 inches up front and 10 inches in the rear. This kind of drop requires some serious modification to the frame and the bed of the truck. In order to get the truck to sit that low, the rear part of the frame needed to be C-notched to let it…