Photoshoot: Hampton Beach Cruise

What do you get when you take a beautiful Sunday afternoon, a great group of people, an amazing route, and some beautiful cars? Well what you end up with is results like this on the other side of a couple camera lens’s. Jeramy and I went into this knowing it would be one hell of a day, but we had no idea we would get the sort of results that we did. It started out normal enough. First with the arrival of the Roadrunner, then the brand spanking new Sti, a CTS-V and then the big dogs showed up. Peter and Steve showed up together in the yellow Gallardo and the red Viper, which you’ve all seen before. Then Mike rolled in with his freshly tuned and polished Supra, (look for a full feature on these cars in the near future). We departed shortly thereafter, and that’s when the day went from cool, to absolutely stunning. It was a sensation overload. The sights and sounds were indescribable, especially when we stopped off in Portsmouth to meet up with the other orange Gallardo. Once we got back on the road, we took the scenic Route 1A down to Hampton beach, and arrived at our destination on the coast. We shot some great photos, hung around and chatted with some locals, and caused quite the stir having these cars lined up for some photos on the ocean. We even had a 2009 GTR show up which sadly we weren’t able to get any good shots of, before finally departing home. The noises and a tad of spirited driving on that trip home, would’ve gotten even the most extreme car hater excited to be there in that moment. All in all it was a wonderful day filled with amazing people, and even more amazing cars. See more of these beautiful cars in our gallery.

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Photoshoot: Steve’s Viper

Spending the day with this car was a total treat. Knowing Steve pretty well, he let me drive the car for most of it, and let me just say it was awesome. I’ve ridden in a viper before, but it was obviously nothing like driving it. The closest thing that I can compare it to is a C6 Corvette, there is torque absolutely everywhere. No matter what gear, no matter what RPM, it pulls and it pulls like a train. Im a fairly big guy, and it fit me like I was in a tailored suit, and like getting out of said suit it was a little tough as well. The one odd thing to get used to was how the pedals were sort of off to the left compared to where you might think they would be, and the pedals themselves are really close together. Closer than any other car I have ever driven. The throttle response is super direct and completely immediate, which is surprising with this giant V-10, you would think it would be a lazy to rev but it just isn’t. Lastly the attention you get while driving this car, or even when its parked is unbelievable. Everywhere we went people where staring and pointing. Brought a whole new level of fun to what would otherwise just be another old photoshoot.



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Viper Lighthouse

Feature: Jake’s Bagged S-10

Anyone who’s ever had a serious full blown project will know the difficulties of staying on track, especially when every last nut and bolt is in a place other than where the factory intended it to be. With Jake’s S-10 that’s pretty much exactly what happened. Throw twin boys into the mix, and anyone could understand why. It all started back when Jake was searching for a project to keep pace with his dad and brothers, who are huge car guys like himself. His dad has a 1932 Pontiac 5 window. His brother Jim swapped an RB25 into a 95 240sx, and his other brother Josh has a custom pre 60’s salt flat car and a 29 Model A Roadster with a flathead. I can’t think of another family that has this kinda car style and culture so deeply woven into it. They are all also a part of the Downeast Street-rod club, so he knew he had to do something cool, but he had to keep it different. So when he picked up a copy Mini-Truckin magazine, realizing how awesome these trucks are and the fact that no one in Maine builds anything like this, it was a simple choice what to do next. Being a Chevy guy it’s not hard to figure out why he went with an S-10, and he knew he wanted a first generation of the body style because of the square body, lack of airbags, and the lack of a third brake light oddly enough.



The style of the truck is right out of a decade ago. The headlights, hidden behind the billet front grille, the squared 18” wheels, the angled and frenched license plate, are all styles that have gone by the way side of the mini truck scene these days. Now everyone is stuffing 22”s under these trucks and its all insane but, like a lot of things on this particular truck, theres a story. The wheels were a gift from his grandmother, and the truck itself was built in a garage with his father and brothers, with the oversight of his twin boys. The body itself is more a style of 10 years ago as well. Along with guys fitting massive wheels to these things, a lot of guys are channeling or body dropping their trucks and laying rocker, but he didn’t. He left the truck stock on the frame rails, which I personally think was the right direction to go with the truck. It just has that tad more of a throw back flavor to it, like the old highboy hot rods, and it keeps a little more of the factory look about the truck.


With 2” drop spindles up front, tubular control arms, 4-link rear, and a 10” C notch in the frame out back, he’s got no problem laying the truck out on the frame. But now he doesn’t destroy the paint and body every time he does. The titanium drag blocks out back don’t do well to hide that fact when he airs out going down the road, as you can see. Being akin to air setups on mostly VW’s, Jake’s setup was a lot… lets say bigger, than I’m used too. With 1/2” lines from the tanks to the valves, which themselves are 1/2”, and there is 2 valves per bag. Everything is doubled, even the tanks and the compressors. With twin 7 gallon tanks and twin Viair compressors. This allows the truck to do different movements, and offers a him a lot more control over the bags in the cab.




Keeping the body ride height stock however, does not mean the rest of the steel on the truck went untouched, no no. The license plate is frenched, which means its sunken into the body of the truck. The door handles are shaved. The factory tail lights are shaved and now they reside in the roll pan where the factory bumper has since been shaved. The entire tailgate has been shaved. The whole thing, Inside and out, as well as the pockets along the top of the bed sides. I was lucky enough to see this thing before paint, and the body and metal work is nothing short of top level. All of the tank brackets, the frame notch, notch cover and all the metal work on the truck was done by Jake in his garage. The whole truck was then sprayed out by Chris Gousse over at Coleman’s Collision, in a 2012 Porsche Brown. When he first told me he wanted to paint the truck brown, I scoffed at it and told him it would look like a UPS truck. Needless to say I was wrong. Very wrong. The paint shows off the body lines and metal work fantastically, and only adds to the originality of the truck.


Lastly the title and name that Jake gave this truck is obvious and fitting. Decade. It took him a decade to finish it and anything that takes that amount of time is well worth it. Like his third boy. He was born just after the truck was completed. So now when he starts his next project, he will at the very least have some cheap labor, and I can’t wait to see the next finished project that comes out of his garage. For more pictures check out our gallery.


Events: Ultimate Furious 7 Meet




Maine’s Finest will be hosting an event for the upcoming hit Furious 7. The meet will start at 3pm. There’s an IMAX ($15) showing at 7PM and a non-IMAX ($10) showing at 6:50PM. Think about reserving your tickets ahead of time.

Lets be courteous and have no loud music, burnouts, or high revving please. We are hoping for a good turnout with nice weather. If for some reason the weather turns for the worse on that Saturday, we will be postponing the event until Sunday.

Thanks guys, hope to see you all there!


Events: Red Bull Frozen Rush 2015

Bryce Menzies - Action
“The snowy mountains of Maine will once again echo with the roar of 900-horsepower off-road Pro 4 trucks as Red Bull Frozen Rush returns to the slopes of Sunday River Ski Resort. The raw power of these machines will be put to the test by harsh winter conditions, as the trucks race head-to-head over jumps, around gates and down ski slopes. The unique race will air on NBC as part of the year-long Red Bull Signature Series.Last year, Red Bull Frozen Rush created a new chapter in the history book of off-road racing. This winter, it will return with defending champ, Ricky Johnson – and eight more eager drivers – to push the progression of the sport even further. Stay tuned to this page for more info and stories as the event approaches.

Thursday 8 January
10:00 AM – 02:00 PM
Red Bull Frozen Rush Fan Day

10am-11:30am: Qualifying
12:00pm-2:00pm: Open Pits — checkout the trucks and meet the drivers

Friday 9 January
11:00 AM – 05:00 PM
Red Bull Frozen Rush Race Day

11am-12pm: Pre Show
12pm-2:30pm: Races
2:30pm: Awards
3:30pm-4:30pm: Driver signing at South Ridge Lodge

Red Bull Frozen Rush

January 8-9, 2015
Sunday River Resort, Newry, Maine

Spectator Information:

• Red Bull Frozen Rush is a FREE event to attend, with secure walk-up viewing areas at South Ridge Lodge on Thursday and Friday.

• Standing room only in viewing areas with bathrooms and concessions available at South Ridge Lodge.

• Jumbotrons will be provided in viewing areas to watch the race as not all areas of course are visible from secure viewing areas.

• Lift tickets are required to access the designated on-hill ski/snowboard viewing areas. Lift tickets can be purchased at South Ridge Lodge.

• Free parking and shuttles will be provided on a first come first serve basis from Sunday River parking lots and designated overflow locations.

• There will be an open pit walk at the Barker Lot from 12pm-2pm on Thursday. Fans will be required to use the free shuttles from South Ridge Lodge, as no on-site parking is available at the Barker Lot.

• Can’t make the event? Red Bull Frozen Rush Live Stream will be available at starting at 12:30pm EST on Jan. 9.”


Feature: Frank’s First Class GTi

When choosing a spot for a photoshoot it’s usually a fairly simple task. Find a quiet decent road for some rollers, and succeed it with a couple different locals with an exciting or scenic back drop. Following up our last feature however, needed a bit more doing. After shooting the strip in OOB, we thought the next one needed a bit more of a statement. What better than the single most iconic spot in this entire state? The Portland Headlight. No place has been photographed more or so simply sums up what this beautiful state is all about. With a postcard backdrop, and the droves of people there the day of the shoot, only adding to the spectacle that is Ft. Williams State Park.

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Events: Mainely Subarus White Mountain Cruise

Photoshoot: The Remarkable R’s


The biggest disappointment of the whole day was not having a blue R to complete the quartet of the MK4 R32 color spectrum. However I quickly got over that fact the instant I got home and popped the SD card into my computer. I mean really, the results speak for themselves with this photoshoot. The way Ben’s red R popped out against the foliage. The way Colby’s black R looked against the cold and windy swells of Harpswell cove. And the way Levi’s simple and understated silver static R stood out against its two bagged counterparts, lent themselves incredibly well to the lighting of the day and each other. Stay tuned, there’s some big big things in the works for one of these cars, keep your eyes peeled to find out just which one it is. See the full album in our gallery.



Events: MMS Dyno Day

DATE: Sunday, Oct. 26th 2014

TIME: 9am – whenever

WHERE: Maine Motorsport Service (408 Bath Road, Brunswick, ME 04011)

COST: $40 for 3 pulls

“2wd or haldex cars only. Slight adjustments OK. We also have a wideband and remember that it’s in doors so no huge lifted trucks.”


Events: All Hallows Eve Last Hurrah Meet

DATE: Saturday, November 1st, 2014

TIME: 3pm (NOT 6pm!)

WHERE: Sabattus Machine Works (62 Greene St. Sabattus, ME 04280)

COST: Free/Donation

“There will be a hose out if you want to bring a bucket and wash your ride (photo shoot). There will also be an out house, and a 50/50 raffle (1 for $2 or 3 for $5) to try and pay for the out house; any extra money raised will go to local food bank in Sabattus.”

Facebook Event Here