Short Film: Turnt Crew

 ”Turnt Crew” Skating through the parks in their slammed Subaru’s, Volkswagens, and Miata’s.

Filmed by Dylan Michaud – MrDMFilms

Short Film: Khon’s Slammed S2000

Khon’s Slammed S2000 Rolling the streets of Southern Maine.

Filmed by Dylan Michaud  -MrDMFilms

Event Coverage: Team 207′s “Higher Levels”


Finally, it’s that time of year when Team 207 puts on their annual car show. The show is usually held at Cabela’s in Scarborough but due to lack of space Team 207 was forced to find a new location. The show brought around a lot of familiar faces, and a decent amount of new ones too. Check out our short coverage of the event in our gallery.


Events: Team 207 presents “Higher Levels”


Cruise to Import Face Off Spring 2014


It’s about that time of the year again. The first of two Import Face Off’s held at New England Dragway in Epping, NH happened last Sunday, the 18th. People start to arrive between 8 and 9 AM and some even stay until 8PM to enjoy a full day of drag racing and show cars.
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Feature: Ray Lapointe’s FFR GTM


When I first came across Ray’s car it was after we first made Maine’s Finest official as a page on Facebook. We were just getting started and we put a post out looking for cars for future features. Ray posted his car and it was  not only an instant hit on the page, but for me as well. Nobody knew what it was, and every other comment on his post was that very question. I had seen these cars before, when doing some research for what car my little brother was going to buy next, so I knew it was a kit. I didn’t however do enough research to realize just how in depth this kit really is. The huge benefit is how great of a job Factory Five does at putting this kit together and providing a step by step build guide.

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Feature: Bao Tien’s Lexus IS350


When I first saw Bao post his car to our wall on Facebook, I knew I had to be the one to shoot it. It just had such presence, even thru a cell phone picture, it had that wow factor that’s rarely seen on cars around here anymore.

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Medomak Valley Car Show


Here is our coverage of what we could get at Medomak Valley’s Car Show. The day started out absolutely perfect. The weather was beautiful, the sun was out with a slight breeze, soon to be brought down by rain and even hail. We had fun while it lasted, but there’s always next year. Congratulations to the trophy winners and see you next time! Click on our gallery to see the full coverage.


Cumberland Motor Club AutoCross


My very first introduction to CMC was through a good friend of mine Brian Austin back in 2006. At the time I had no idea autocross even existed, but Brian was already nuts about it. Consequently about 6 months later, and 5 days after signing the paperwork on my barely used 2003 Mitsubishi Evo 8, I was sliding sideways at the Crooker lot in Brunswick. Temp paper plates and all. After that I never really looked at motorsports the same, or parking lots for that matter. I never would have thought, in a million years, that some cones in barely used tarmac parking lot could be such an insane amount of fun.


CMC has been around since 1958, which I’m not going to lie am just only now realizing, and these guys strictly do autocross. They are the only organization in Maine to sanction these events, and they strictly adhere to SCCA rules and regulations. Safety is also huge priority with these guys, as it should be. There really isn’t a whole lot of room for error at these events and every single person that works the track picking cones has a buddy to cover them. Much like the organizers of Dust-off last weekend, these guys have had a lot of practice. Even the equipment is top notch. It had been a couple of years since I last attended a CMC event and everything they have, has been upgraded. I really like the whole FM transmitter setup they have now, that way you can hear competitors times, and the always glowingly sarcastic commentary. Unfortunately the rain couldn’t quit hold up for the entire event and I left before any trophies were handed out or times were read aloud. I really hope however that I can bring some light to what these guys have going on, and maybe bring some more interest into the club. I have some very fond memory’s that are near and dear to my heart that came from these events and this club. CMC is like a family and I got to witness that first hand. So go check their website below. Take a ride to the next event.  Sign the waiver and just take a ride, and I promise you, that you’ll be hooked. Just like me and my brother were. If you’re interested in watching some of CMC’s events or even participating, visit them at

Here’s a couple of our favorite shots from the event. To see the whole the whole coverage, visit our gallery.



New England Dustoff 2014

dustoff14bannerFrom the first flakes of snow, everyone I know who is into cars longs for this day. Unlike Dubs on Defrost, which is basically the biggest get together you have ever seen, Dustoff is the official start of not only the VW show season, but the entire New England show season. Held at Seekonk Speedway in Seekonk Massachusetts, as claimed by the host on their website,, this is easily the biggest Audi/VW show in New England. Every year they fill the entire track with cars. The track itself is a small oval, just a tad smaller than Beech Ridge over in Scarborough, but its still a fully functioning track in the summer months. Along with being a giant show it is also probably one of the very best as far as being organized. Every single car has a place and is parked accordingly, From MK1′s to MK6′s and on over to the Audi’s, they segment it perfectly. From down on the track you might think its just semi orderly chaos, but once you take a step back, up onto the bleachers you realize its perfection. They’ve had practice. A lot of practice. Year after year after year, a thousand or so cars show up and it seems to go off without a hitch or incident. On top of that I’ve heard few people complain about it being a strictly Audi/VW show, but personally im glad they keep it that way, adding more classes would just dilute the show. Its hard to walk into a show like this and not want to just go wild with the shutter, there’s just so much going on its hard to cover it all. Hell even the parking lot just outside the gates would put most shows and meets I’ve been too to shame, and there’s plenty outside the gates beyond VW’s to keep anyone busy. My favorite thing about this show is not only does it draw some of the Finest outta hiding from Maine, but also the very Finest from all over New England. Too see our full coverage, check out our gallery.