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This video strives to take no shortcuts to provide you with each and every step necessary to install a garage door.

Garage door installations are very important investments, because not only do they add a beautiful aesthetic to the rest of the home, but they act as a guide to your property by protecting you from theft. The video, although thorough itself, calls for you to make sure that you check the directions of the products you use to install your garage door so that you avoid making any mistakes.

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You will not only be guided on what to do, but demonstrations will go alongside the aforementioned explanations which allow you to install your garage door and follow the video at the same time.

From notes of the sturdy and smooth surfaces you need to mount your doors on, the measurements of the door and openings, how to attach the rollers, how to attach the nails to keep the panel steady from weather elements like wind, and many more points will be found in this video.


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