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There are different types of central air conditioner ranging from model to model, but they all operate on the same principle. Learn how central air conditioner work and the different components it has as you consider HVAC repair.

Condensing Unit Located outdoors, it hosts the air conditioner condenser coils, the compressor and the fan motor. The condenser coils is pumped with a refrigerant in gas form, which is condensed into a hot liquid and dissipating the heat as the liquid travels through them.

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Evaporator or the cooling coils are located inside the home and mounted on top of a furnace or air handler. The coils receives the refrigerant that expands into a gas making them cold. The gas travels through the coils to the compressor that converts the gas back into a liquid.

Thermostat signals the circulation blower fan and the condensing unit to turn off or on until the room temperature increases or decreases.

Furnace Control Board is a sophisticated computer circuit board that controls all functions the furnace does in a complete heating cycle.

Disconnect Box Provides way of turning off power to the condensing unit outside. It has cartridge, which may contain fuses. If the compressor or the condenser fan failed to work, test the disconnect box fuses for continuity to determine if a continuous electrical path is present.

Three Factors Involved in the Air Cooling Process While Considering HVAC Repair

  • Temperature Control
  • Cooling
  • Air Circulation
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