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Septic cleaning is important. The thought of first septic pumping could be daunting, most especially if you don’t know what would happen next. Every job is different, so here are the things to know about cesspool pumper and septic pumping.

1. When technicians or cesspool pumper arrives, they will introduce themselves and explain to you the procedure they will do before they get started.

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2. Once they are settled, they will locate the tanks and dig to show the excess lids. They have to dig open to start the process. They will make sure and do the best they can to keep your yard looking the way it was before digging.

3. The depth of a septic tank is around twelve to eighteen inches. Others may prefer shallower tanks; some may even want deeper. It all depends on the home’s layout and what the installer intends to do for the installation.

4. You should also know that the solids in the septic tank separate to the top, in the bottom of the tank naturally. It leaves water in between.

5. A cesspool pumper does a better job by using a mixing rod in mixing the solids and liquids to get consistency before pumping.

6. Technicians will also look out for decay or deterioration of your septic tank. They offer septic tank replacement and offer you free estimates if tank deterioration is concerned.


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