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Drinking alcohol is a great activity to do among friends or when you feel like you need to wind down after a crazy and stressful week. There are many different kinds of alcohols, but whiskey, bourbon, and scotch are among the most popular list of the different kinds of brown liquors. It is so popular that 32.52% of respondents in a 2018 survey between the ages of 18 and 29 said that they drank whiskey/bourbon/scotch within the last three months prior to that survey. One great thing about whiskey is that you can purchase a make your own whiskey kit and age your own whiskey.

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This can be great if you love the taste of finely aged whiskey and you like to save a little bit of money too. In order to age whiskey, you need aging barrels.

You can purchase whiskey aging barrels or oak casks to age your own whiskey. As America’s only native spirit, which was declared by Congress in 1964, Bourbon must be made with a minimum of 51% corn. Then, it must be aged in charred new oak barrels, stored at 125 proof, and bottled no less than 80 proof. Though, you can purchase a mini whiskey barrel in order to age your own whiskey/bourbon at home.

Watch this video to learn how to use mini aging barrels at home!


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