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To start, install a line to guide the perimeter of the fence. A line level is handy to make sure everything is even. Mark where the fence post will go on the ground with spray paint.

Get your hands on a post-hole digger, and dig the holes where you demarcated them earlier. They should be at least double the diameter of the fence post and deeper than the frost. This means about 30-36″.

Then insert a pressure-treated 5×5 into the hollow part of the post, screwing it into place. Get ready-to-mix concrete and add water to solidify the base of the post. If you make it thick enough, you won’t need to add any bracing.

Measure the slope of your lawn on the measuring line to see how deep to stick in the first fence post. To avoid a crooked fence you will need to adjust the posts as you’re going to have nice and even lines.

Once you have the first fence post in, you will repeat the process for the remaining post locations and you can add on the panelling. Make sure to screw these in tight to ensure the fence remains stable.

For more information contact one of your local vinyl fence companies and get a consultation on your project.


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