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Gambling is commonplace throughout the country. While it may be all fun and games to some, many others struggle with gambling addiction. This addiction has the possibility to ruin relationships as well as their finances. Thankfully, there are also gambling addiction treatment options that are available. In this video, you will learn more about gambling addiction and its causes.

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Many times, people will come in for counseling on marriage issues or depression. However, sometimes the root cause to these issues is gambling and people do not even realize it. Gambling is much more accessible than it once was thanks to the internet. People can gamble at basically anytime anywhere. This means that gambling addiction may be more widespread as well. There are many root causes. Certain personality characteristics due to genetics or a history of trauma or neglect may contribute to the likelihood of addiction. This is because people will use gambling to counteract the negative emotions. However, it is not solely a medical problem or a phycological problem. It is a mix of both. This is why trained professionals are so crucial to helping people with gambling addiction. Trained professional can help addicts become more aware of their mental state and also provide them with the support and resources that they need.


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