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Antenna installations can be very beneficial. They are an excellent way to receive signals for things such as television channels or internet. In this video, you will learn about how antennas work.

Antennas work by receiving electromagnetic waves through the air. This is converted to an electric signal and vice versa.

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The electromagnetic waves must be separated from the source and propagate. Wave separation includes accelerating and decelerating charges. This causes the magnetic field to stretch and memory effects. Therefore, an antenna can be made if an arrangement of oscillating positive and negative dipoles is made. This is why antennas have several rods with electricity running through them. This makes one pole positive and the other negative. This creates wave propagation. The frequency of the transmitted signal will be the same as the voltage signal. The length of the antenna should be half of the wave length which is calculated by using the speed of light for the speed of the waves. As you can see, electrons and their electric fields are crucial for the operation of antennas. Hopefully this video and article made the concept a little more manageable.


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