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Are you looking for some barbell exercises? Here are some advantages and benefits of training with a barbell.

The first benefit is that because of the construction of the barbell, you can adjust movement performance to accommodate every individual’s unique body proportions of torso and limb lengths. Weight plates allow you to increase resistance in very small increments.

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This is vital to proper training and slowly increasing weight to build muscular strength. Similarly, barbells and dumbbells allow novices to do exercises that mimic bodyweight movements but utilize a load smaller than the body provides. For example, with dumbbells or a barbell you can do bench presses with a load as little as 10 or 15 pounds, whereas a standard push up requires the strength to push about 65% of your bodyweight. Barbells, dumbbells and weight plates are also useful for performing weighted flexibility and mobility exercises, which many adults need to overcome mobility deficits due to years of limited ranges of motion. Also, barbells and dumbbells are relatively inexpensive compared to exercise machines and gym memberships, and very durable. If well cared for, a quality set of cast-iron weights and a power rack will last for several generations at least.

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