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Chances are, you have seen a crane towering over a construction site at one time or another. These giants have a lot going on behind the scenes. What may be even more impressive than the cranes themselves are the people who operate them on a daily basic. In this video, you will see what it is like to be a crane operator.

Every crane operator must take a safety course consisting of many modules. Once they have the proper training and their safety certificate, they are ready to scale the beast.

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They put a special safety harness on and prepare the climb. Each harness comes with two heavy duty clips. According to protocol, one clip must be attached to the crane at all times. This prevents any deadly fall from happening. If someone were to fall, the harness would catch them.

The accent up crane is not for the faint of heart. Those afraid of heights should steer clear of this occupation. These cranes can be dozens of stories up in the air. The ladders are small in width and difficult to navigate. Climbing the cranes also takes a very long time. It can be tiring climbing up so crane operators often have to take a breather halfway up. However, the view from the cab at the top makes it all worth it.


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