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Are you struggling with a persistent pest problem? Maximum Pest Management Company has been offering residential pest extermination services to residents of Wichita and its environs since 2006. In this video, you will learn how your home can benefit from this.

Even before the treatment process begins, you start by holding a conversation with the technician so that he can fully understand the nature of your pest problem. He will then explain the process of extermination so you can know what to expect.

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The first part of the treatment focuses on the interior of the house. Extra attention is given to doors, windows, and entryways which are used by insects to access the house. Spot treatment is also applied to cracks, crevices, and other areas where insects hide. Insect traps also come in handy here, not only to prevent the insects from spreading but to catch some of them which will later be used for analysis. Through this analysis, the technicians learn the exact types of insects that they’re dealing with and adjust the treatment accordingly.

The extermination service technician now shifts to the exterior of the house and begins by removing spider webs using a cobweb brush. He then performs the exterior application using a backpack sprayer, concentrating on the windows, doors, and foundation. With that, the application process comes to an end and the technician takes time to brief you on the findings. Hopefully, your pest problem will be over for good. If not, the extermination service is only a call away.


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