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It’s important to know about tree care so that you can support the health of your trees. Trees can add curb appeal to any home if they are treated properly. In this article, we are going to look at mulching, and how can better support your trees through the mulch.

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Mulch gives a couple of different benefits to trees. For starters, it helps to moderate the temperature, which is important for trees that get a lot of direct sunlight. Mulch also improves the quality of the soil and helps to retain moisture so that the tree can get all the water that it needs.

You should add new mulch around your tree every year. This is important because over time the mulch is going to wear down. If you are changing it out every year, you are ensuring that the tree gets all of the help that it needs.

When you lay the mulch around the tree, you want to avoid putting mulch against the trunk. If the mulch is pilled up against the trunk it could cause disease or bug problems. Instead, spread the mulch evenly in a circle around it.

Next time you put mulch around a tree, remember these tree care facts.


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