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Shades are one of many window treatments that you can add to your windows. There is a wide variety of styles that you can choose from, but the important part of window shades is their functionality. Let’s look at why you should choose shades for your windows.

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The first reason to choose shades is for privacy. Shades do a great job at completely blocking out the window. This is especially important for certain areas of your home. Your bedroom and bathroom are two areas where you should consider installing shades for more privacy.

Another reason to choose shades is to keep your home cool. Besides giving you more privacy shades also block sunlight. On sunny days, when the sun is shining on your house, it can increase the temperature. If you live in a sunny area, shades might be the perfect treatment for you.

Sunlight doesn’t only cause heat, it also causes glare. In a living room or family room where you watch T.V., it’s important to get rid of any glare. This can also be beneficial in areas where you are trying to sleep.

Overall, shades are the perfect window treatment option for any room in your home.


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