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The past decade has been full of tons of ups and downs for our climate. From new groundbreaking climate-regulating legislation being passed, to covid bringing about tons of non-biodegradable waste into the environment, nature is something constantly on our minds as a country and as a community. Your backyard and local parks are some of the places where you can make a difference in helping the environment, so homeowners hold their trees and gardens very near and dear to their hearts. About 10 years ago, news broke about a certain beetle that posed a huge threat to trees around the country. Should we still be worried about this pest? In this video, we will learn about the emerald ash borer and how it has caused damage across America’s trees.

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The emerald ash borer is known for laying its eggs under bark crevices in trees. When its larvae hatch, they cut off vital nutrient-filled vessels in the tree, causing it to die. Recent years have brought about scientific breakthroughs that can help solve this problem via a spike inserted into the tree. Though these treatments may be expensive, it may be worth the peace of mind to know that the ash borer will stay far far away from your trees, and you won’t need to contact tree services for a tree removal.


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