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Installing an entire air conditioning system takes time. When the AC install process begins, the technicians will confirm that they have enough power available. They’ll set up a recovery machine, which is used to remove the refrigerant materials from the current air conditioning system.

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The technicians will take some important measurements to meet certain code requirements. These AC systems will sometimes settle into the ground too much, and they have to be elevated. The components are sometimes positioned in a way that will lead water away from the building.

When the lines are completely flushed, the AC system is then recharged with newer refrigerant products. The system will also need some pressure testing. It’s important for these HVAC technicians to pay attention to subtle details during this process, or they won’t be able to clean out those lines thoroughly enough. People will see the outdoor refrigerant line, which needs to be aligned correctly. However, these exterior parts of the system shouldn’t be too obvious.

In the end, the AC professionals will look at the air conditioning system’s power levels. Air conditioners vary when it comes to the quantities of refrigerants that they have, and technicians have to make sure that there’s enough of this material present.


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