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Funeral planning is a stressful and anxiety-triggering task for people, especially if the deceased is a loved one. For the most part, anxiety is triggered by shock from loss, not knowing what to do, or who will cover the funeral and/or hospital expenses. Therefore, most people don’t know the funeral planning process.

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Some of the things people should know include:


According to the video narrator, pre-planning funerals has become common to the extent that most people consider it part of estate planning. When pre-planning, people need to consider the type of funeral and disposition they want, the amount required, and how to cover costs. This helps people from burdening their loved ones in the event of their death.

Insurance Might Not Cover Everything

Life insurance offers a one-time lump sum payment after a person has passed on. This amount might have been used to cover the cost of treatment. Also, inflation doesn’t cover policies, so if a person dies, their loved ones will cover some of their expenses.

Government Benefits

Some people qualify for government benefits to help offset funeral planning costs. People need to confirm if their loved ones qualify for these benefits, especially if they’re military veterans.


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