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You may already know just how critical mulching is for your lawn to survive any weather changes, including drought. But before you go panic buying at mulch stores, you should first understand everything about it.

During the hot summer months, mulch can act as an insulator on top of your garden soil to keep it cool throughout the season. Plus, it can also discourage weed growth and make pulling weeds much simpler.

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Another benefit you’ll enjoy with mulching is that it will significantly help minimize the need for watering the plants. Since it can provide nutrients to the soil underneath, it can improve its capability to retain water. Plus, it enhances the quality of the soil by breaking up the clay and enabling more air and water to move through it.

Even during the cold winter season, mulch can continue protecting your plants. While mulch can’t keep the roots of your plants warm, it can keep the temperature of the soil from thawing and freezing constantly. This process, known as frost heaving, can force the plant out of the soil during winter, which exposes its crown to harsh temperatures and eventually kill it.

You should also note that mulch can help retain moisture during spring.

Watch this extremely helpful and informational video by Lowe’s Home Improvement, where you’ll discover the different types of products you can get from mulch stores.


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