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Construction sites produce a lot of waste from concrete, insulation, metal, shingles, wood, etc. Construction sites are required by law to dispose of this waste responsibly, hence why most of them hire construction waste cleanup services. Construction waste such as asbestos can cause a lot of harm to the environment and it should be disposed of responsibly.

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But where do construction waste cleanup companies take construction waste?

According to the video, one of the ways to get rid of construction waste is recycling. Construction site cleanup companies arrive at the construction site, load the waste onto their trucks and take it to recycling services. Concrete, for instance, can be turned into aggregate via a crushing and screening process done by large machines. After crushing and screening, this waste can be used as structural backfill, saving builders a lot of cash.

The second way to get rid of construction waste is by disposal. There are various ways of disposing of construction waste. One way is by burying it in landfills. The waste is taken to a designated landfill with the hope that it will decompose over time.

The third way of getting rid of construction waste is reusing it. Rather than hiring cleanup companies to get rid of waste, contractors can reuse some of the waste on the site. For instance, waste concrete can line up a path or walkway.

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