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Installing commercial doors differs from residential door projects since the work occurs in stages. It is also vital to fit the doors with the correct corresponding hardware using an up-to-date door and hardware schedule since organization and preparedness are crucial to achieving the required change orders.

After everything has been arranged, examined, and moved to the installation area, you can start installing the commercial doors.

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As soon as the doors are on the dollies, attach the door hinges, and then have your assistants raise the doors into position. After setting the door in place, align the hinges with the appropriate spots on the frame and begin screwing them. Only two screws should be inserted and tightened per hinge at this point. You should also check to ensure the door opens and closes correctly to help you determine whether it needs trimming.

If trimming is required, lightly mark the door with a pencil, take it out, and use a saw to trim it. To get the fit right, cut a little at a time and constantly inspect it. Using all of the screws in each hinge, hang the door after trimming and ensure that the latch, lockset, and strike are lined up correctly during the final step of installation.

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