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If you are looking to improve the look of your home or give a certain space a new feel, flexible LED strip lights may be just what you need. Most come in a variety of colors and can instantly change the mood of the space they’re installed in. The installation of flexible LED strip lights is also easy to understand.

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When opening the box, expect to find the lights, instruction manual, the control box, power lead, and for certain flexible LED strip lights, a remote control.

The first step is to connect the power lead to the control box. It is best to have the power lead plugged into a surge protector. Two cables should be coming out of the control box, one of which will need to connect to the LED lights. If the lights do not turn on after the cord is plugged in, try to unplug the cord, flip it around the other way, and then replug in.

When placing the lights, the tape provided on the lights may not always hold on the desired surface, so it may be necessary to buy some additional screen holders.

For additional information on how to install flexible LED strip lights, please review the attached video.


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