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In terms of production, shopfloor metrology has revolutionized the speed at which products are able to be measured. The increase in shopfloor metrology speed has been due to the vast increases in technology over the past few years. With shopfloor metrology, factories are able to quickly and repeatedly measure the shape of surfaces which is a major benefit to any production environment.


The machine is the perfect tool for the measurements of small to medium items in the production warehouse. It measures from three sides, getting the proper length and height of any item. It can also be adjusted by users to cover more complex tasks. It is designed with user-friendliness in mind, just to be able to manage whatever is needed of it.

The head of the machine is easily replaced and has a few different options that allow it to perform specific tasks. One attachment is the prob head, which gets into smaller areas. The optical sensor is another on, which offers a wider lens to get a better view of a larger surface area. No task is out of the site of the machine.

For additional information about shopfloor metrology, please review the attached video.


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