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Has necessity prompted you to consider making your own draperies? If so, the video provides excellent step-by-step instructions on how to do so.

Making draperies or window panels is not something that most people in the 21st century are willing or able to do. But if you have scoured the Internet and every department store in your area for the right curtains for your house and still have not found what you want, your best option may be to make them yourself.

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In this way, you get to choose the exact fabric you are looking for.
In the past, you would have had to undergo extensive training to do this kind of work or hire an expert. But the modern age has produced videos such as this one to help you make the drapes you want.

You must first ensure that you have the right measurements. Be sure you measure from the floor to the top of the curtain rod. You should then lay out the fabric and trim the selvage edges. When you have measured the finished length, add seven more inches. These are some of the essentials for making sure your drapes are the right size. You should follow the instructions provided by the video to complete the work.


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