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In this video, you will learn about remote learning private schools. Everyone has their options about remote learning. But, how do children feel about it? This video is essentially a sequence of interviews where children discuss how they feel about remote learning.

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The first group of children was saying that they don’t learn as much doing school from home. They also said that they don’t have as much fun at home because they don’t get to see their friends. Another child said that it is inconvenient because they can’t just walk up to a teacher and ask them a question. That makes sense because, for a lot of children, the anxiety of asking a question over Zoom is bigger than raising your hand in class. The next group of children were saying that working from home is uncomfortable. They have to work from their home alongside their siblings and even their parents too. There are a lot of things to know about remote learning. Consider asking your children how they feel about it. Keep reading this for more information.

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