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Whether anyone likes it or not, COVID-19 seems to be here to stay. With that reality comes the need for frequent COVID-19 testing. While most adults can handle nasal swab tests easily, some children might struggle with them. If your child needs a COVID test, you can help them get through it without compromising the sample.

First, make sure your child understands the importance of the test.

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Since they likely can’t get vaccinated against the virus if they are below age 12, they may need to be tested frequently to keep attending school or going to their favorite after-school activities. Help them understand that the COVID test is a necessary step to keep them and their friends safe while they spend time together.

If your child seems afraid of medical workers wearing personal protective equipment, help them understand why they wear it. They just need to stay as safe as possible in case anyone in the room has COVID-19 and could spread it. This way, they can keep helping as many people as possible.

A medical professional will likely administer the test. Help your child by supporting them in the way they appreciate most. You can stay in physical contact throughout the test.

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