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If you want your winter snowmobiling outings in Maine to be safe, then you need to know a few essential tips. Safely operating a snowmobile is incredibly important when it comes to your physical health during the winter months. Let’s review a few key snowmobile safety tips to use when you’re out riding this winter.

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One of the first things you need to do is make sure you’re dressing appropriately for the weather. As you speed up on a snowmobile, you’ll be increasing the windchill that’s affecting your body. This means you need to dress in warm layers that are designed to wick away moisture and insulate your body. A base, mid, and outer layer are essential when you’re snowmobiling. Your inner layer should be something light and comfortable — preferably tight to the skin, though. Your next layer needs to insulate. Your outer layer is the shell that shields your body from the wind and helps hold all of that insulating heat inside.

It’s also important to make sure you follow the trail that you’re on. Staying on a chosen trail will ensure that you don’t get lost or become disoriented during your ride. And if there’s one place you don’t want to be during the winter, it’s in the woods at night.


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