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Oil delivery in rural Maine comes with its own share of challenges. This video documents the challenges faced by a particular oil delivery business in this area and outlines the ways they have discovered to circumvent some of the challenges. For instance, it’s easy to think that oil delivery trucks can reach any area no matter how remote, but this is debunked in the video.

However, the video goes on to show that if oil delivery businesses are innovative enough, they can find solutions that allow them to deliver to their remote customers. The main challenges faced by oil delivery businesses are bad roads, but things like adding chains under the trucks can help.

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Locking rear ends also help. The most helpful solution for oil delivery businesses is to have long hoses that allow them to still get the oil up to the house if the driveway is in bad condition.

Otherwise, if the condition of the driveway is too bad and the hose is not long enough, then the customer has to add sand to the driveway to make the job easier. Watching this video will make you more appreciative of oil delivery companies and the great lengths they go to to deliver heating oil to your home, so you can keep constantly warm.


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