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In this article and video, you will learn about small parcel shipping. Odds are if you have ever sent out a package in the mail, you have used small parcel shipping.

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This post is meant to share more on the insights and how it works.

The Main Players

The two main players you will see in regards to small parcel shipping are companies such as UPS and FedEx. There are many other smaller characters who are also in the industry of small parcel shipping, but these two companies dominate the landscape on a global level.

Ground Shipping

Ground shipping is the most economical way that you can ship a package within the United States and how many people choose to ship their packages.

As you may have guessed, ground shipping means that the packages are shipped by using vehicles on the ground. This is done by a set of interconnected systems that will keep on relaying your packages to destinations closer and closer until the final delivery point.


With small parcel shipping, packages will end up usually being transported through major cities, and then once getting closer to the final destination, it’s last stop will be at a local terminal that will complete the dropoff.


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