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When selling your home, some of the first questions buyers ask are how old is your roof? and what condition is it in? If it’s not good, it can dramatically bring down the value of your house. Here are four tips to help you maintain a healthy roof.

First, maintain your chimney and gutters. This means sweeping your chimney regularly and cleaning out gutters so they don’t get clogged or overflowing.

Next, inspect the shingles and sealant on the roof. You’ll want to make sure shingles are not cracking or falling off, if they are they will need to be replaced.

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When inspecting the sealant around your roof, make sure it is not worn or cracking and is still able to hold up.

After inspecting, remove anything that can damage your roof. This could be ice dams built up on the roof during the winter, or overhanging tree branches. These can cause a lot of money in damages if not removed.

Lastly, always get a professional. Roof work can be dangerous and professionals are trained to be able to safely provide roof maintenance.

If you’re still curious about roof maintenance and having a healthy roof, watch the video above or call your local professional roofing service today!


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