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Depending on where you live, you may be familiar with Canada geese. The honking is a little bit annoying but it’s a defining feature. In this article, we are going to learn about Canada geese.

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Animal Fact Files explains, that Canada geese are not just found in Canada. They can be seen all across North America, as well as, some parts of Europe. You may also see them flying over Asia and Australia.

These geese are game birds, meaning they are hunted. There are strong restrictions in place about when you can hunt them. Each year there is a set hunting season and only during this time can they be hunted.

Canada geese will use honking and flapping of their wings as a defense mechanism. These things help the geese from avoiding hunters. Foxes and coyotes are two examples of the predators who will hunt them down.

When it comes time for breeding the geese will most likely migrate north. This is why we see such a large movement of geese each year. Once a baby goose is born it will leave its nest pretty quickly. When they leave their nests they will usually stay near their parents or other groups of parents that are nearby.


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