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When a loved one gets old they may need special care. There are a lot of senior housing options that each provide different levels of this care. In this article, we are going to take a look at a few different senior housing options.

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The first option we are going to look at is independent living. This option is for seniors who are still able to care for themselves in everyday ways. People in independent living may still drive cars or manage their bills. In an independent living facility the meals and housing are provided for the people, however, they can take care of themselves.

Assisted living is different from independent because the seniors in this type of facility need help with everyday tasks. In assisted living, just like the name suggests, the nurses will have to help the seniors in many different ways. In assisted living facilities you may find people who are dealing with memory issues.

The last senior housing option we are going to talk about is a continuing care community. These communities are typically very large compared to the other options, and they include people who require a lot of different types of care. The benefit of this option is that you won’t need to transition to different levels of facilities as you get older because they will provide all the care that you need.


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