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Plumbers are trained professionals that can solve nearly any problem that you throw at them. However, if your drain is clogged, you may be able to solve it yourself. This will save you money and potentially time as well.

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Even so, don’t wait to fix a clogged drain. It will only smell worse over time. In this video, you will learn several methods to unclog drains quickly.

Did you know that you can actually use a plunger to unplug your sink. It works just like a toilet plunger. However, you will want to use s a special cup plunger instead.

However, if you have a bad shoulder or arm, a plunger just won’t cut it. Instead, take a bottle of Coca-Cola and pout it down the sink. That’s right, this beloved sugary beverage can also double as a drain cleaning solution. In fact, Coca-Cola is so corrosive that it can dissolve a nail over time. As you can imagine. This corrosiveness makes it an excellent choice to unplug your drain. Plus, it will smell much better than those chemical drain cleaners. It’s likely a lot cheaper too.


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