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If you want to prevent cavities, there are many things that you can do. None of them require much effort either. In this video, you will learn about cavity prevention tips.

One tip is to rinse with fluoride. Fluoride rinses only take a few minutes before bed each night.

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You simply just pour the liquid in a cup and swish it around in your mouth for a bit. Even this simple practice will help you prevent tooth decay. Further, some communities actually put fluoride in their tap water to provide some extra protection. This means that tap water is actually better for your teeth in this case.

Another simple tip is consistently visiting the dentist. These appointments will give you the professional help you need to stay on track with your dental goals. You may even ask them any questions you have regarding cavity prevention.

Lastly, Avoid foods that consist of fermentable carbohydrates or sugars. This includes crackers, breads, cereal, and sweets. Believe it or not, the enzymes in your mouth help breakdown carbohydrates into sugar. This is why carbohydrates leave a sweet taste in your mouth if you leave them there long enough.


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