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Keeping your roof updated is one of the most important renovations that you can make for your home. The roof keeps us safe from the elements, so it must be up-to-date. New roof installation can be compilated, and it is best to contact a roofing company. In this article, we are going to look at what happens during a new roof installation process.

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The first step of the process is to get rid of the old roof. This means you must take off all of the shingles and anything else that goes with it. Before you can start putting on the new roof you have to take measurements. Taking measurements ahead of time allows you to effectively plan out the installation.

Before you can put on the new shingles you need to put a layer of roofing felt on the roof. This felt protects the roof from water damage in the event that the shingles fail. When installing the new shingles you want to make sure that they interlock with the ones above them. Hammer them in place with several nails for each shingle. After all of the new shingles are in place, the new roof is completed.


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