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Air sampling is a way of capturing airborne contaminants using special instruments. These contaminants are dust, gases, vapor, fumes, and fibers.

Video Source

This video shows instruments used to capture airborne contaminants.

The following media are used in air sampling:
1. Filter cassettes
2. Impaction cassettes
3. Impinger assemblies
4. Sorbent tubes
5. Air monitor badges

Filter cassettes
These have special filters meant to trap specific contaminants. Filters include
a) Mixed cellulose ester – for asbestos, lead, and metal sampling
b) PVC pure homopolymer – samples wood, silica, and dust
c) Glass fiber – samples oil mist
d) Silver membrane – samples carbon, black coal, tar, coke oven
e) Teflon – samples acid gases, mists, and vapors

Zefon’s preloaded 37mm 2-piece cassette contains
Blue inlet plug
Cassette inlet
Collection filter
Filter support pad
Cassette outlet
Red outlet plug

Zefon’s preloaded 37mm 3-piece cassette is like the 2-piece cassette, and in addition, has a retaining ring.
Zefon’s preloaded 25mm 3-piece asbestos style cassette is similar to the 2-piece cassette and it also has a 2-inch extension cowl. This is recommended by OSHA and NIOSH for asbestos testing.

Zefon also offers matched weighed and pre-weighed filter cassettes for gravimetric analysis.

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