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A fire sprinkler system installation can be the difference between a building burning down and a small amount of damage. Fire sprinkler systems are extremely effective at responding and putting our fires before they grow out of control. This video explains some of the basics of a fire suppression sprinkler system.

The sprinkler system consists of a sprinkler head and a water supply to the sprinkler. The sprinkler head consists of a plug, a glass bulb, a frame, and the sprinkler mechanism. Water is constantly flowing to the sprinkler head, but the plug and glass tube keep it contained.

The glass tube is the key in turning on a sprinkler system. If there is a fire, the temperature will increase and the glass will break, releasing the plug. Water then flows to the sprinkler and is spread around the room, dousing the fire. The glass tubes come in different sensitivities. Some require a lot of heat to break, others don’t.

There are also fire suppression systems that don’t use water. Instead, they use nitrogen gas to starve the fire of oxygen. No matter that system, it’s important to have a fire suppression system in your building. For more information, check out the video in the link above.

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