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With all the hype around destination weddings, many people forget the benefits of a good old fashion local wedding. Keep reading to learn the benefits of having a local wedding.

First, a local wedding is easier for your friends and family to attend. Choosing anything other than a local wedding would cost your friends and family in travel expenses, and some may not be able to afford to travel.

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When you have a local wedding, everyone you love can attend without financial strain.

Second, there are plenty of beautiful locations to hold the wedding ceremony near you. Perhaps a park or garden could make for a gorgeous local wedding ceremony, or if you live by the water, maybe a beachfront or lakeside wedding.

Third, you can stay in better control of your wedding planning. Planning a wedding is not easy work. When you have a local wedding, it takes the stress out of planning travel, accommodations, or working with caterers and vendors that are not nearby. You could even choose to have your favorite local restaurant cater your local wedding.

For more reasons to have a local wedding, watch the video above!


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