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As people age, their skin becomes looser and less elastic due to age-related conditions. Consequently, most of them perform surgeries like a facelift to restore their youthful appearance. This video explains how a facelift works.

What is a facelift? This is a cosmetic surgery done to improve the appearance of the face. It involves removing excess skin and fat from the neck and the face, as well as the tightening of tissues and muscles.

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This procedure also helps to remove wrinkles and improve fine lines.

After a physical examination, the surgeon determines the procedure that best suits the patient’s face. The most common face lift surgery involves incisions in the temples’ hairlines, down to around the ear.
After making the incisions, the surgeon lifts the skin and underlying tissues, adjusts them, and secures them in the proper place using stitches and other surgical devices. Once the procedure is completed, follow-up appointments are made after a day, a week, a month, and three months.

Generally, the results of the facelift surgery are often long-lasting and may only be impacted by future aging, weight fluctuations, and other variables.

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