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Many people wonder what exactly estate planning is and what documents are involved in the estate planning process. If you’re wondering what estate planning attorneys do for their clients, here’s what you should know.

Estate planning not only involves forming a plan for if a person dies, but also for if they become disabled or incapacitated. An estate planning attorney helps a client determine what they want to happen if they’re in a situation where they can no longer advocate for themselves.

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This involves outlining their wishes for the distribution of their wealth and assets and who will make important healthcare decisions on their behalf. Without setting these plans in place, the court or the state may end up deciding these matters for you, and you may not like the decisions that they make.

The documents required for estate planning include, but are not limited to, a living trust, a will or pour-over will, a financial power of attorney, and a medical directive. These documents explain exactly what decisions should be made and who is entitled to make them when you are unable to express yourself properly.

Estate planning is extremely important for ensuring that your assets and health are well taken care of in the future. Working with an estate planning attorney makes the whole process easier.


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