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You may have heard a lot about web hosting, particularly in today’s world where there is a specific emphasis on internet technology. If you are looking to break into the business industry with a great new idea for a company there are several things you’ll need. if you wanted to open up a storefront, you would need products, a name, and a logo, but perhaps most importantly, you would need a physical place to set up shop.

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It’s no different when it comes to creating a website on the internet.

Web hosting is a service that allows you to rent space on the internet, add in your text, pictures, and videos, and store it all on a physical server that connects to the internet. These servers fill web hosting company buildings all across the world. Buying a domain name is often confused with web hosting services, and many don’t think about needing web hosting services in the first place.

Buying a domain name just gives you the right to the URL to your website, whereas web hosting is needed to physically store your website content. If you want to go live with your domain name, web hosting services allow this to happen. Signing up for a web hosting service only takes a few minutes but will be essential in the process of building your online company platform.


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